Mission Bell Car Wash

Carrollwood's Premier Full Service Car Wash

Express Detail Services

Express Super Clean starting at $64.99
Price includes Full Service Wash
This service is perfect for the busy person with very little time to wait. We clean the dashboards, door panels, center console, and cup holders. Air blow all cracks, crevasses, and air vents. In addition, treated with high gloss protectant on interior and tires. Once the vehicle is washed it takes 30 minutes or less.

Express Hand Wax starting at $64.99
Price includes Full Service Wash
With all new space-age clear-coat cleaner/sealer wax all in one, expect excellence. The One-Step Hand Wax is designed for lightly oxidized vehicles and is applied by a gentle air driven orbital. This service requires 30 minutes after the vehicle has been washed. This results in a great shine that will protect and and have impressive results for months. 

Express Carpet and Mat Cleaning OR SEATS starting at $64.99
Price includes Full Services Wash
For those who would love to maintain the value of a clean interior, this service is for you. With this service we offer or assistance in maintaining the integrity of those cloth or leather seats, and carpets. Mistakes happen but you don't have live with it. Give us 45 minutes and Let Us Help!

Express Engine Cleaning $59.99
Price includes Full Service Wash
Really want your car and your mechanic happy? We'll show you how. With this service, your engine compartment will be throughly degreased with cleaner followed by a high pressured wash. All engine hoses, vinyl, rubbers etc; will be treated and sealed for a high gloss shine. Although it takes 45 mintues or less, there is a WARNING! 

Superior Detail Services

Two Step Hand Wax starting at $104.99 
Price includes Full Service Wash
The Two Step process is designed for moderate to lightly oxidized paint. The first step in this process is to remove all dirt hidden in your car's paint by using a cleaner wax or a clay bar. Followed by the second step, applying the perfect wax, and returning your car to that glossy smooth feeling you once loved. No appointment necessary as normal Two Step Wax takes approximately 1 hour to complete once your vehicle has been washed

Hi-Speed Buff N' Wax starting at $159.99 
Price includes Full Service Wash.
With quality products, this process is designed for vehicles with a paint finish oxidation that cannot be removed with a Two Step Wax and it necessary to use a high speed rotary buffer with a heavy gauge cleaning compound on the first step to remove all oxidation that blemishes the vehicle. It is then rewashed to remove any compound and residue. On the second step, a cleaner wax is applied to restore the balance of that paint, cleaner residue, and any remaining oxidation. On the last step, a quality sealer wax is applied for a long and durable glossy shine. The normal High-Speed Buff N' Wax takesa minimum of 3 hours to complete. WARNING: BADLY OXIDIZED AREAS OR WHERE THE PAINT IS THIN MAY RESULT IN THOSE AREAS HAVING COMPLETE PAINT REMOVAL DOWN TO THE PRIMER. THIS AT THE VEHICLE OWNERS RISK

Headlight Restoration starting at $50.00 per light 
Price includes Full Service Wash 
First, using three different types of fine sandpaper, we send away that damage layer of headlight. We then use a high speed buffing process to restore back to near factory clarity.

Exquisite Interior Detail

Complete Interior Detail clean up starting at $104.99 for cars
$134.99 for sports utility, mini vans, and trucks price includes Full Service Wash.
With this service all carpets, cloth/ leather seats, and door panels will be thoroughly cleaned. Including air vents, crevasses, and cracks. Followed by complete interior protection. It's an ALL-IN-ONE interior package! In most cases, an average clean up requires 3 hours to complete. Prices are subject to change once a visual inspection is completed by a member of our DETAIL TEAM.

Like things done the old school way?

We also offer a handwash service that will blow you away!!!!
Handwash includes a full interior and exterior services that provides whitewall cleaning, inside vacuumed, ashtrays emptied, ,windows inside and out cleaning, tire shine protectant, wheels cleaned, and exterior cracks and grooves air blown out. You can have this done while you wait as it only takes 30 mintues. Prices start at $39.99 

Close To Perfect!

Bumper To Bumper Detail starting at 249.99
Our Ultimate Detailing Service!!!!!!!
Price includes a 2 step wax, engine compartment cleaned and degreased and sealant/protectant put on rubber hoses, etc. Your interior will be completely cleaned seats,carpets, floor mats, and side door panels. All interior vinyl or leather seats and trim will be thoroughly cleaned and treated with vinyl protectant.Your vehicle turck or hatch will be cleaned and carpeted area will be cleaned. All exterior vinyl and ruber trims, tires, etc. will be cleaned and treated with protectant. The average bumper to bumper detail takes 5 hours to complete. however, cars should be here by 10am and picked up after 5pm.